100 g Red beet tartar with whipped bryndza wrapped 85 Kč
  in buckwheat, baguette                                                                                                                                                                                  
75 g Liver of goose with mushrooms and onion, baguette     95 Kč
0,25 l Wallachian cabbage soup 55 Kč
0,25 l Beef broth with noodles 55 Kč
  Main courses  
200g Beef steak with pepper sauce  370 Kč
200g Beef steak with green beans with bacon and delicate 390 Kč
  mushrooms sauce  
200g Beef on root vegetables and red wine with strong beef sauce 235 Kč
150g/200g Beef steak Tartare with fried bread 250 /330 Kč 
200g Pressed pork tenderloin on hatcheries risotto with roasted mushrooms, beef jus 269 Kč
200g Pressed pork tenderloin with mushroom or pepper sauce 199 Kč
150g Fried tenderloin schnitzel 165 Kč
200g Roast chicken breast supreme "sous-vide" stuffed italian bacon 195 Kč
200g Duck breast prepared "sous-vide" with a black beluga lens and sour cherries 245 Kč
1 ks Slowly roasted duck leg glazed with honey, red cabbage with red wine, grenaille potatoes with fried onion 225 Kč
200g Deer steak with onion chutney on red wine, mashed potato with bacon 289 Kč
150g Grilled fillet of zander on herbs with roasted red beet and dressing 285 Kč
150g Grilled fillet of Norwegian salmon with creamy spinach and cherry tomatoes 255 Kč
  10 g extra zander  17 Kč
  10 g extra salmon 12 Kč
300g Linguine aglio olio e pepperocino 119 Kč
300g Linguine carbonara  165 Kč
300g Tagliatelle  pancetta e funghi    165 Kč
300g Homemade potato gnocchi with blue cheese sauce with walnuts and pear slices, balsamico 150 Kč
300g Home potato cones with poppy, sugar, butter, nuts 119 Kč
300 g Caesar salad with chicken 169 Kč
300 g Greek salad with feta cheese 125 Kč
300 g Mixed salad leaves with mustard dressing,  225 Kč
  fillet beef steak, cherry tomatoes, black olives   
  and radishes  
  Goodies for wine and beer  
400 g A variety of cheeses from the local farm 260 Kč
150 g Roasted baby potatoes Grenaille 45 Kč
200 g Potato puree 45 Kč
200 g Boiled potatoes with fresh parsley 45 Kč
150 g Fried potato chips 45 Kč
200 g Grilled vegetables 49 Kč
1 pc Baked herb baguette 38 Kč
1 pc Apple strudel with nuts and raisins, whipped cream 55 Kč
1 pc Hot raspberries 75 Kč
  Hot raspberries, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream  
1 pc Ice Cream / Sorbet 20 Kč
  Vanilla, walnut, strawberry, chocolate, orange  
  More desserts according to the current offer  
  For the list of allergens contained in the dishes,
please ask the waiters.
  Weights are in a raw state.  
  The menu is prepared by a chef team consisting of:  
   Pavla Kanioková, Eva Hrbáčková, Eva Putová,
 Ivo Forman